Ontario Authorities Arrest Four Players and a Dealer for Cheating

Five people have been arrested for an alleged attempt to defraud a Canadian casino. According to Ontarian authorities, the people in question were playing a table game at Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto.

While officials did not release details about the cheating attempt, they explained that one of the arrestees was a casino dealer who was in cahoots with the players. However, an anonymous person discovered the scheme and contacted the Ontario Provincial Police Investigation and Enforcement Bureau (IEB).

The IEB, which is attached to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) was called to investigate the matter on March 18. The investigation eventually led to the arrests of the five people in question. The arrestees included Anagha Varghese, 21, Himanshu Tanwar, 25, Parkh Raheja, 25, Tajveer Kour, 21 and Yakshu Nehra, 23.

The five people were charged with multiple charges, including counts of cheat at play, breach of trust, fraud and theft. They were later released from custody and their cases were handed to prosecutors at the Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto.

Other Recent Cheating Attempts

Unfortunately, this is not the only time employees and patrons have tried to cheat casino properties. In a recent case in the United States, two employees of Rivers Casino were arrested for alleged participation in a complex cheating conspiracy at a Roulette table.

According to authorities, these included Robin Schnepp, a dealer at the casino, and supervisor Anthony Laush. The two men, according to officials, have aided players win on multiple occasions, resulting in significant winnings.

The cheating occurred with Interblock Roulette where the dealer manually spins the ball in the opposite direction of the wheel. When this manual spinning occurs, the sensors allegedly fail to detect the spinning, allowing players to continue placing bets even after the ball has already landed on a number.

Surveillance footage showed Schnepp spin the ball incorrectly multiple times, after which players would increase their bets after the ball had landed.

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Last year, a Brazilian poker professional tried to cheat but was caught and suspended. The issue is that the player was dealt an extra stack of chips at the beginning of the LAPT Mystery KO tournament but did not notify an official, preferring to take advantage of the mistake.

However, another poker player sa mnl168 w him taking out extra chips from his bag and reported the matter, resulting in a suspension.