DraftKings Casino Launched Progressive Jackpots in New Jersey

Online betting and gaming operator DraftKings announced that its online casino offering in New Jersey expanded with progressive jackpots last month.

“Pushing Innovation Forward”

Launched exclusively to DraftKings Casino customers in the Garden State, the addition of progressive jackpots made DraftKings the first iGaming platform in North America to deliver cross-game genre-linked progressive jackpots.

“We are thrilled to offer DraftKings Casino customers more exciting ways to win,” commented vice president of Product Operations at DraftKings Signe Yama, outlining the team’s dedication to “pushing innovation forward” to come up with new products exclusive to DraftKings that will bring joy to the operato riches777 r’s customers.

“We have seen early success since launching progressive jackpots in New Jersey and can’t wait to see more of our customers take home large jackpot winnings,” Yama concluded.

DraftKings announced that within the first two weeks of the launch of progressive jackpots for its DraftKings Casino customers in New Jersey, the feature brought to one lucky player $313,445.80 from its first-ever DraftKings progressive jackpot.

DraftKings Casino players in the Garden State are given the option to opt-in and make an additional wager on jackpot-eligible games, including blackjack, roulette and slot games like 88 Fortunes if they want to take a stab at winning the jackpot.

Expansion into Other Jurisdictions

DraftKings is planning for the feature that is currently available exclusively to DraftKings Casino players in New Jersey to be soon expanded into other jurisdictions where DraftKings Casino is operational.

Unlike traditional jackpots which are usually built by linking together a specific class of games such as slots, table games or video poker, the DraftKings Casino’s exclusive product that is entirely built in-house allows the operator to link together all game types that are being offered via the DraftKings Casino App.

The addition of progressive jackpots to DraftKings Casino expanded the offering of over 500 games available to online casino players at the platform operated by the Boston-based company as part of the operator’s commitment to providing its customers with the best-in-class gaming experience, while also offering them a chance to win jackpots on top of the million prizes available for grabs every month.

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DraftKings reminded its customers that responsible gaming is a key pillar of the company’s S.E.R.V.E.S. program which seeks to create inclusive and responsible pathways for people to build, create, imagine and innovate, as well as part of the operator’s mission to protect the vulnerable.