Genius Sports Introduces NFL Free Games Suite To Increase Global Fanbase; Debuts Genius Marketing Suite

Genius Sports Limited, a leading London-based provider of technology solutions such as sports data technology, distribution and commercialization services, has extended its partnership with the New York-based National Football League (NFL) to capture the attention of NFL fans by debuting various free-to-play games suite in chosen global markets.

But that’s not all; as the provider also reported the official debut of the Genius Marketing Suite, a special engagement driver particularly created to convert the way its partners identify, attract and sustain the interest of sports fans.

Description of the NFL Free Games Suite:

As Genius Sports is the sole distributor of official NFL data, with this partnership, the provider will supply NFL fans in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico and the UK with knowledge-based predictor, bracket and personality quiz-style games to increase their interest.

These games will fuel the competitive spirit among fans while testing their NFL knowledge via draft prediction games, game day score predictions and Playoff and Super Bowl bracket choices.

Also, these custom game products will enhance the overall NFL fan experience and generate continued interest for a whole year of multilingual content.

Players will be motivated to sign up for popular NFL games, which will provide a platform for them to contend against other NFL fans worldwide and provide an opportunity for the NFL to better understand its global fans and improve the fan experience by listening to their feedback.

However, for this season, Genius Sports has introduced the NFL Free Games Suite for several NFL teams, involving the Ram, Colts, Broncos and Raiders.

Commenting on the newest product, Josh Linforth, Chief Revenue Officer at Genius Sports, said: “Extending our partnership to deliver immersive free-to-play games is the latest example of Genius Sports expanding our role at the heart of the NFL ecosystem. 

“The NFL’s global audience is growing rapidly and our bespoke games including the highly popular NFL Super Bowl Challenge, will be central to the league’s strategy to capture new audiences from around the world.”

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Description of Genius Marketing Suite:

The Genius Marketing Suite empowers sponsors, brands, leagues, teams , and sportsbooks to meet sports fans’ expectations for a more customized and individualized experience. Moreover, it encourages each stage of that process.

Each Genius Marketing Suite product contains a mix of sports media buying service, that gives marketing teams access to millions of fans worldwide, with an innovative solution that makes the whole process of creating, automating and distributing custom video much easier.

Additionally, the suite consists of a full line of digital engagement devices that assist brands form long-lasting relationships with fans.

The Suite integrates:

Genius Media Buying – one of a kind media buying service, with sports as the main focus. It assists advertisers to locate, tr ufa365 anform and sustain the interest of sports fans via high-quality and reputable campaigns;Genius Creative – a one-stop shop for developing, personalizing and enhancing high-quality dynamic video, display and CTV ads;Genius Games – created to measure gamification solutions, involving fantasy, trivia and predictor games to attract fans and analyze first-party data;Genius Data and Content – interesting and engaging media tools that involve easily embedded widgets, abundant data visualizations and sports data APIs.

In addition to the above tasks, one of the main tasks of Genius Marketing Suite is to assist brands and sports organizations such as such as Coca-Cola, Diageo, Cadbury, Heineken, Jersey Mike’s, the NFL, MLB, European Tour, DraftKings, FanDuel, Betway and Bet365 to design memorable and highly successful sports activations.

Commenting on the latest product, Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports, said: “With the launch of the Genius Marketing Suite, we are integrating the acquisitions of FanHub and Spirable alongside our proven media buying solutions to better serve any brand looking to engage sports fans.

“Our understanding of sports fans, and how and when to engage them, is unrivalled. As a leader in sports data, we can create authentic and real-time experiences at every step of the marketing funnel. Whether you’re a sports team trying to sell more tickets, a clothing brand targeting NFL fans or a sportsbook looking for sign-ups, the Genius Marketing Suite has the answer.”

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