Himmelbrand wins second Mid-States Poker Tour title in MKE

Traveling from the East Coast to compete in the Mid-States Poker Tour Potawatomi in Milwaukee, poker pro Greg Himmelbrand enjoyed quite a successful trip. One of the larger events of the MSPT season, the Pota 7BALL CC watomi Casino tournament ended up providing Greg with $125,598 in prize money with the event win and his second MSPT title.

The poker pro earned his first tour win back in April 2015, according to PokerNews, when he competed in the MSPT Maryland Live! In speaking with tournament reporters this time around, Greg stated that he had heard Milwaukee was a cool city, so he decided to attend the event. The poker player said he appreciates how the tour is run and how interactive everyone is that takes part.

When the final table began, Himmelbrand would find himself with the shortest stack, only 11 big blinds remaining. He would eventually be able to build his chip stack back up, doubling up against Matt Buhler and then again with Craig Trost. Eventually, the pro would work his way out of the short stack to take on Matt Buhler in heads up play.

When the final round began, Himmelbrand would have a 2 to 1 chip lead over Buhler. The match would be short-lived with the final hand going down as follows. The flop showed Q-7-5 of clubs with Himmelbrand raising. Buhler would check-call and then see Himmelbrand bet 700,000 on the Queen of hearts on the turn.

Buhler would shove all-in and Himmelbrand would call with Q-2 of diamonds. His trip queens held up against the J-10 of Buhler, securing the win for the pro, the second MSPT title of his career.

Final Results:

FirstGreg Himmelbrand$125,598SecondMatthew Buhler$76,806ThirdCraig Trost$57,144FourthJames Karaminis$42,397FifthKevin Saul$31,951SixthJosh Hergott$23,964SeventhUmut Ozturk$18,434EighthKen Baime$14,747NinthSteve Alonzo$11,060TenthCole Tautges$9,217

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