Playable Factory Company launches mobile-friendly H5 Games service

Turkish marketing technologies provider Playable Factory Company has announced its premiere of the creative H5 Games service for partners that may be looking to bring their online casino games to mobile-friendly platforms.

The Istanbul-headquartered firm used an official Wednesday press release published by European Gaming Media and Events to detail that the new HTML5-friendly advance has been designed to give games developed using the Unity platform a new life on services such as TikTok.

Evolving environment:

Playable Factory Company explained that the launch of its H5 Games enterprise comes after the introduction of app tracking transparency functionalities from American telecommunications technology giant Apple Incorporated led many mobile studios and publishers to begin seeking additional revenue streams away from the traditional Google Play and the Apple App Store services. However, the innovator stated that this process ‘has been fraught with challenges’ as developers looking to debut HTML5-friendly versions of their games struggle against ‘low-quality visuals, performance issues and prohibitive file sizes’ not present on the Unity platform.

Alluring assistance:

Established in 2018, Playable Factory Company declared that its new H5 Games service has been designed to solve these issues for ‘mobile games companies that do not have the expertise, capacity or resources to create stunning HTML5 games in-house.’ The innovator pronounced that the enterprise is ‘a natural progression’ as it has already worked with in excess of 500 mobile games studios such as Madbox to produce more than 1,000 HTML5-friendly playable a ufa365 dvertisements that serve as ‘faithful representations of the full games to drive user acquisition.’

Deluxe difference:

Gokce Nur Oguz serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Playable Factory Company and she used the press release proclaim that many social and web platforms utilize HTML5 gaming content although Unity-reliant developers for too long have had to put up with ‘low-rent solutions.’ The innovator moreover asserted that this imperfect state of affairs has become all the more pronounced ‘as user acquisition has become more challenging on iOS’ with an ever-increasing number of companies looking ‘to publish their games on multiple platforms.’

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Read a statement from Oguz…

“As a company with years of creative and technical experience and one of the best HTML5 development teams in the business, we chose to step up to the plate. We’re thrilled to be launching a service that will ensure mobile games retain their original quality of experience across all platforms.”

Conversant crew:

Playable Factory Company noted that its development teams have a large amount of experience in helping to develop a diverse range of games running from runner, shooter and word variations to puzzle, role playing and simulation departures. The firm finished by affirming that the ‘optimised file sizes’ offered by its H5 Games enterprise will additionally ‘ensure that images and animations are as good as the original regardless of genre.’