Real Dealer Studios Launches Vinnie Jones Roulette with Betway

Real Dealer Studios has gone live with its branded Vinnie Jones Roulette which features the famed actor slash tough guy. The game is now available to all operators after initially launching under a period of exclusivity on Betway. Vinnie Jones Roulette is all about the members-only upscale club experience and stars the man himself who takes on the responsibilities of your VIP dealer.

Vinnie Jones Takes the Wheel

The game is built in a way so that Vinnie can interact with players in a unique and highly-entertaining fashion, which Real Dealer Studios has simply described as “larger-than-life” Vinnie is not sparing his words from the first moment you enter the game, with the dealer welcoming you to “Can you believe they put a geezer like me in charge of roulette,” he says,” and adds: “trust me, you’re gonna love this game. It’s just like regular roulette, but loads better, because of me.”

The idea behind Real Dealer Studios’ games is to emulate a Hollywood-like filmmaking experience so that people can feel involved with the entire professor. The studio hires professional directors and actors to prerecord footage of the game and polish it, while the studio it riches777 self inserts it with surgical precession into the gameplay and adjusts the correct triggers to muster up the right experience.

This is a fresh take on the RNG roulette experience that still relies on the live dealers to guide you through, and what better live dealer, truly, than Vinnie himself? Commenting on this launch, Real Dealer Studios CPO Shane Cotter said:

We’re effectively blurring the lines between the worlds of iGaming and film, particularly now with these celebrity titles. Apart from yielding an all-around better experience for players, it opens up the door to some fantastic new game concepts.

Real Dealer Studios CPO Shane Cotter

There are more games forthcoming featuring Vinnie Jones’ likeness, imagery, and the legend himself. Players can get ready for Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette, Vinnie Jones Blackjack, and more in November 2022. More games are coming still in 2023.

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